1. Naperville Carpet Repair

Repair Services That Gets your Wall to Wall Fresh Again

In today’s world, new doesn’t necessarily mean better. If you have wall-to-wall carpeting that you love, but is starting to look dingy and buckle like it has seen better days – you have more options than to rip it out and start all over.
As another option – expert repairs can be performed by Carpets Direct.
Even in a home with a meticulously controlled environment, carpet can buckle – it happens as a result of normal wear. This does not mean new carpet must be installed. We have a first rate team of carpet repair experts, and with our professional re-stretching service, your carpet can be revived in no time.
Our experts will prepare the space for the correct method of re-stretching, depending on your carpet’s makeup and method of installation. With our professional tools to stretch and re-seam, we bring our knowledge and skill to your repair needs.

Upkeeping your investment

Since wall-to-wall carpeting is an important design investment – and in general, increases the value of your home – keeping it looking its best is worthwhile, and can begin as easily as calling Carpets Direct for a consultation.
We ensure that our work makes your wall-to-wall smooth again, making your home safe and trip free, and attractive again.
Call Carpets Direct today for expert repair services.

2. Carpet Sales, All The Styles & Variation

Home design that is home improvement

Choosing Carpets Direct to help in your carpet installation is like opening a special box of carpeting treasures. We offer you a huge selection of carpeting styles and designs – colors, patterns, textures and materials – and assist you in consolidating your ideas.
Your consultation begins with listening: we get to understand you and your home’s style. We hear about your family’s daily life and routine. We listen to your budget requirements.

Collaborate with expertise

Our {city} experts will work with you to make sure your design dreams are realized. We bring pure design know-how together with our thorough technological expertise – to make sure you are completely satisfied.
Wall-to-wall carpeting is a solid home design investment; with its ability to insulate against the cold – especially important in Illinois winters.

Keep your home warm

Whether you have to replace old carpeting, or want to cover bare floors, carpeting can create a warm and inviting, cozy home environment – in any season.
Starting your design journey with Carpets Direct is an excellent choice. Call today to arrange a free home evaluation.

3. Naperville Carpet Installation

Carpet Installation by Experts

Wall-to-wall carpeting is an excellent way of creating a look for your home decor that ties all its elements together. Color and pattern can both be used to create either a total look, or separate spaces that meet different functions. Not to mention its insulating abilities – blocking out noise and the cold. In an Illinois winter, who wants to put their feet down on a freezing cold floor?
The experts at Carpets Direct not only have solutions to all your carpeting needs – they do the best carpet installations in town. We can guide you from your initial questions about whether carpeting in what you need.

Let us give you solutions

From our free evaluation in your home, we will listen and give you information on what materials are best for your home, how colors and designs will affect your space and what type of installation is best for your needs. We primarily focus on two popular types of installation:
The Stretch Method: Including under-padding, this carpet will have more comfort underfoot and insulation properties.
The Glue-down Method: This carpeting holds up well in heavy traffic areas, and is usually the less expensive option.
Our installation is done with attention to detail that ensures a precise carpet cover. We believe you will be so happy with your home that we offer a 100% 30 day guarantee.
For good maintenance make it a habit to have us professionally clean it every half year, and think about Scotchguarding to protect your new carpet from future stains and spills.
Call today in Naperville to book your free evaluation.